Usability Testing

Is your website getting enough traffic or are you looking to improve the conversion rate of all visitors coming to your site?

Given the online market is so competitve, it is difficult to make a positive difference in revenue by waiting for your rankings and traffic to increase.

So we look at the other side of the equation for how we can best utilize the current traffic or visitors to the site?

Usability has to do with user experience. You do not want:

  • Your website visitor to land on your home page and have difficulty in figuring out what to do.
  • A visitor leaving your site if your online form is asking too many questions.

Usability testing determines where your site is falling short, in getting your visitors to follow the paths to conversion or even just click on a call to action on a web page.

Remember, an online visitor's attention span is 4 seconds. If they get confused the will just click the dreaded "back button"!

Let the experts at Market Image help you improve your conversion rate and decrease your bounce rate. If you don't know what these terms mean, then you really need to talk to us.