Press Release Services

Want to be informative to the reading public with a defined “news hook” that gets reporters, editors and producers interested in what’s new or special about your medical facility? Market Image healthcare experts are the answer, for optimizing for search ranking. 

Features:  Market Image’s press release writers know 5 of the most important things to follow when writing press releases: 

  1. Know first why the release is being written: to broadcast information, update target audiences, or increase business?
  2. Know what segment this PR is for?
  3. Does the press release contain invaluable or newsworthy information that will be used by the target audience?
  4. Is there a just cause the for release the information that you wish to broadcast?
  5. What do you want recipients to take away from the press release?
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Reputation Management

Are you aware of the positive or negative sentiments being published online about your medical facility or specific area of the world? How will this affect potential patients researching medical procedures in your area?

Market Image can help monitor online conversations of your area of interest and participate in the positive talk or counter the negative online conversaton with informed and approved corporate communication material.

Participation in the social media community is essential in your online Public Relations strategy!