Information Architecture

Receiving a patient enquiry doesn’t happen by chance.    The information on your site must be organized and arranged in a manner that is easy to navigate.   The structure of a website is known as information architecture.  The more information on the site, the more important architecture is.   Every visitor that arrives at your site should feel satisfied that they have had a good user experience.

With each click of the mouse your visitor must feel closer to the information they seek.   At Market Image if we are involved in the development of the website from the ground up, we often start with a storyboard, and then move to a prototype.   This allows our clients to get a feel for the ultimate product before website construction begins.   We work together to provide the best possible user experience and then continually test and monitor this experience. 

Often we are asked to analyze a site after it is built.  In this case, analytics programs allow us to test the usability and sleuth weaknesses in the user experience.   The statistics provide evidence of where the user exited the site.   We work with your IT team, or you can work with ours, to close off the leaks where visitors exit. 

There is a strong relationship between information architecture and usability.   Not paying attention to information architecture has a significant impact on revenue.  Technology is now so advanced that you can create the experience you envision for your visitors.

A lot of work goes into creating great content, so let’s make it so a patient can quickly, easily and intuitively find it.