CRM Software

Your website is doing its job ---- your medical facility is impressive and the visitor enquires.   Now what?   More importantly, are you truly ready when the dam breaks and the trickle of enquires becomes a flood? 

An enquiry is generally a bona fide lead and the first step to a true patient relationship.   Managing these enquiries is Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Now CRM is not software in itself, it is a process.   The process involves managing these enquiries with the purpose of solidifying the relationship.   Developing a process and using software to manage relationships produces the best possible outcome.

Let’s look at an anticipated scenario.  

A patient visits your site and e-mails your patient service center.  

  • Who receives this enquiry?  
  • Do you have a template for reoccurring questions? 
  • Does the patient receive a standard response acknowledging the enquiry?  
  • What is the committed turnaround time an enquiry?  
  • How many enquiries have you had?  
  • Does management automatically get a report?  
  • Does your patient service center automatically check back with the patient after not hearing from them in three days?
  • What is the process for closing? 
  • What happens to expired leads?   


This is just the tip of the iceberg.   When leads hit the tipping point, managing them is overwhelming and you’ve already lost many potential patients.   We recommend that an appropriate CRM be in place early in the process.