About Us

Medical Tourism Marketing Site

Who we are:

Our Team was originally established in 1999 as a result of the unique cross border situation of Americans buying medications from Canada and internationally (this business reached the “tipping point” very quickly) and the marketing team had a very fast learning curve.

Internet marketing was relatively new and traditional marketing companies were of little assistance (print marketing was unsuccessful) .

Market Image ran informally as an internal team (a blend of IT, marketers, SEO’s and copywriters) that developed multiple sites for not only the international pharmaceutical industry but also medical clinics, brick and mortar pharmacies, and medical tourism sites.

Market Image restricts its clients to those in the healthcare industry.

We have a physician, two pharmacists, a chartered accountant, marketers, consulting nurses, medical office assistants, and a complete call center on the team. This group of talented individuals bring invaluable experience and knowledge to healthcare facility clients.


What We Do:

  • We specialize in medical industry marketing.
  • We build custom websites
  • We have a North American based medical call centre.
  • We specialize in web referrals and put our clients in touch with other organizations that can help them (accreditors, search engines, facilitators, ratings sites)
  • We keep on top of the trends and make it a point to be first out of the starting gate
  • We have a fully integrated process of assessment, strategy, implementation and evaluation